New Treat #27: Roo Panes

This is my first New Treat in a long long time I’m sorry to say, hopefully this fellow will make up for it. I introduce to you, Roo Panes. I saw him at the Troubadour a few weeks ago supporting Stokes, William and thought he was absolutely wonderful. His voice is raspy and his stage presence sincere but its his melodious songwriting that strikes me. ‘Open Road’ and ‘Minstrel’ two of his myspace tracks have melodies that will keep twirling round your head after listening. His music is very gentle, its what I would call perfect Sunday afternoon listening, but he deserves to be heard everyday. You can listen to three songs on his myspace here, and below is a video shot by Babysweet sessions for Communion and below that is his upcoming gigs.

30th Nov- Strum @ Notting Hill Arts Club

20th Dec- Hot Vox Festival @ Camden Proud

11th March- The Troubadour



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3 responses to “New Treat #27: Roo Panes

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