Gig Review: Matthew and the Atlas EP Launch @ The Borderline

After listening to ‘Kingdom of Your Own’, the new EP from Matthew and the Atlas and giving it a 5/5 review, I was very much looking forward to the EP launch at the Borderline. I was also really looking forward to seeing two of the support acts, Daughter aka. Elena Tonra and Stokes, William.

Daughter played first, her stunning voice which first caught my attention on the Communion record filled the room and her sweet songs gained a lot of attention from the crowd. She was accompanied by an electric guitarist which added a wonderful dreamy feel to the set, and separating her from the haze of female singer/songwriters around at the moment.

Stokes William played next. I think this band are really really special. I have listened to them more and more after seeing them a few weeks ago at the Troubadour and the lyrics are beautiful. You can download ‘Honesty Box’ free from their myspace page, and do, it’s rather good. On stage they have a wonderful presence and the same energy was brought to The Borderline as it was to The Troubadour.

The next act was Rachel Sermanni who also features on the Communion record. Her music is very beautiful and although I felt she didn’t get the same concentration from the crowd as Elena Tonra, she gave a lovely set and a lovely introduction to the headline band. The room was packed, and everyone was waiting for what they came to see, the wonderful Matthew and the Atlas. As the band shyly walked onto the stage and launched into their first song the crowd fell silent. This band is incredible live. Matthew’s voice is strong and rustic and the harmonies between the band members and himself were flawless. ‘Come out of the Woods’ was a highlight of the set although they said it was the first time they had ever played it live. ‘I Followed Fires’, also from the new EP created a stir in the crowd as did the last song and encore ‘I Will Remain’.

I would highly recommend going to see this band live, it might not be long before they are playing much bigger venues. They play The Luminaire on the 16th December. Here is a video from the EP launch, thanks to the person that filmed this!


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