EP Review: Kingdom of your Own- Matthew and the Atlas

Matthew Hegarty and his Atlas have done something with there second EP which i didn’t think was possible. They have created something better than ‘To the North’ their debut EP released in May, which i gave 4/5. ‘To the North’ is beautifully gentle debut, giving us a stunning welcome to a very promising new band and despite its summer release, the EP had a wonderfully wintery feel about it. This EP ‘Kingdom of your Own’ is stronger, a little more jolly in places and shows a much more developed sound. Matthew and the Atlas have found their sound, and blimey, it deserves to be loved by many.

Although ‘To the North’ is very wintery sounding, the opening line to ‘Come out of the Woods’, the first track from ‘Kingdom of your Own’ sings ‘Hey, winter has come’ in harmony between Matthew and the rest of the Atlas, making you feel like this EP is released at the perfect time of the year. ‘I Followed Fires’ which begins with a loose banjo and accordion beginning again launches into the harmony between the Atlas members but ultimately it is the graviley voice of Matthew that stands out. The catchy chorus and build ups throughout the song remind me of Mumford and Sons who they have recently supported on tour. Title track ‘Kingdom of your Own’ is the gentlest track, until the wintery whispers are replaced for a ravish guitar strum and a summery wailing melody, making the highlight of the EP. The final track ‘Waves’ introduces some horns which sing the melody along with the voices of the Atlas. The track has a slow progressive feel which always finishes off a record perfectly.

This is a stunning EP. Uplifting and melodious, mellow and rich. Matthew and the Atlas have grown and grown and are quickly becoming my new favorite band. With the melodies of Mumford and the voice of Ray Lamontague, I think this is an artist to be treasured. I hope for big things.

Rating: 5/5

Best tracks: The whole EP!


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