Gig Review: Frazey Ford @ The Purcell Room, Southbank Centre

On Monday night I headed to the Southbank Centre, which is right on the River Themes and is one of the nicest places in London, to see Frazey Ford. Frazey used to be in a band called The Be Good Tanyas but has now taken her guitar and her quirky voice and gone solo. I hadn’t heard much of her music before I went to see her which is unusual for me but I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging she was and it was a very lovely relaxed gig.

She has just released her debut album ‘Obadiah’ and her music is the perfect mixture between folk and blues. Songs such as ‘Firecracker’ were highlights of the set as was her cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘One More Cup of Coffee’. ‘Blue Streak Mama’ showed off the beauty and gentle strength of Frazey Ford’s voice which makes her stand out from the haze of female singer-songwriters around at the moment. She spoke of her free-spirited parents and her grandmother, both which seem to be a strong influence on her songwriting. Overall, a very enjoyable evening. I would recommend picking up her debut, lovely for those winter blues. Here is Firecracker.


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