New Music 11

I have been a very bad blogger recently, I haven’t been going to too many gigs which is a shame as its one of the reasons I moved to London, but still, this is some of the lovely things I have been listening to recently.

I went to Rough Trade record shop last week and was pretty much memorised by it. Brought a fair few CD’s too, including the Glasser album, Wairpaint EP and a few other things. Warpaint seem to be everywhere at the moment, they are on the front of The Fly this week and they have already received a lot of very good reviews for there new album ‘The Fool’ which is released in a few weeks. This is a new song, you can see the video now but this is an acoustic version.

Beth Jeans Houghton has also been on my listening radar since seeing her at 6fest. Her music is wonderful and quirky, although she probably is better live. This is her best song for sure.

I found Hey Rosetta yesterday, they are Canadian and you can hear a lot of Arcade Fire in them. This is a quieter song but its rather lovely.

I have just written a review of the Agnes Obel album for the 405, its a very nice album and I gave it 8/10. This is one of the highlights.

Yesterday there was a lovely lovely thing on Radio 1. First a 3 hour programme called ‘Mumford & Sons and friends’ featuring live performances from Laura Marling, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Maccabees and of course Mumford and Sons as well as collaborations between some of these artists. You can listen or watch it back online now, its highly recommended. After this there was a 1 hour programme called the Folklore of Mumford and Sons in which they talked about there influences and some of the people that inspire them as well as there friends who are making music today. It was brilliant and I also recommend listening to that. They talked about lots of lovely bands, some which I wasn’t too familiar with, including Gillian Welch and this song particularly caught my attention. I love the line ‘She said I wanna do right but not right now’, I think thats very clever. She now plays in the Dave Rawlings Machine band, who are also good and very country.

And finally for a bit more of Laura Marling…


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