Gig Review: Mumford & Sons @ HMV Hammersmith Apollo

On Friday I went to see Mumford and Sons for I think the 8th time. Like every other time, it was incredible. The first time I saw Mumford & Sons was in the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. It’s a tiny venue and it was packed full and incredibly hot, its quite strange to think only a year and a half later they are playing in the HMV Hammersmith Apollo which has seen the likes of The Beatles and The Clash perform. They can fill a room of any size. Just a really incredible live band.

The supports, as always with Mumford & Sons were pretty amazing. This time in the form of Matthew and the Atlas and Johnny Flynn. I have never seen Matthew and the Atlas before, but after falling in love with their last EP ‘To the North’ (review here) I was pretty excited to see them play. They did not disappoint. A truly beautiful performance, Matthew has an incredible voice and his songs managed to fill the venue brilliantly. I hope they have some exciting things ahead.

Johnny Flynn is always a treat live, he is such a talented musician and usually plays at least five different instruments live. He is very humble, as are Mumford and Sons, but has a wonderful energy. Its a true pleasure to watch him.

Then for Mumford and Sons. There is so many Mumford and Sons live reviews on here I feel I should not bore you with the details. They played incredibly. A highlight of the set was when they did a totally unplugged version of ‘Sister’ on the edge of the stage. The audience was silent and it made the massive venue feel so intimate. I think this is a power Mumford and Sons seem to possess, every gig seems so intimate even with the incredible big venues they are now playing. I love this band, I hope their current success is to stay.

Thanks to the person that filmed this!


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