Festival Review: 6fest 2010

So, 6music was saved! This happened a few weeks ago of course but on Saturday night there was a big party to celebrate and for those who managed to get tickets, it was a blast! The line-up was totally secret and although some of the incredible rumours didn’t come true (but was Bowie ever really realistic?) what we instead witnessed was some really brilliant up and coming bands.

The first band I saw was Beth Jeans Houghton. I’ve seen her on many festival line-ups and listened to her a few times but never taken the effort to go and see her, so it was a good deal that when I arrived she was the first band on. And wonderful she was! Eccentrically beautiful with an old fashioned voice and a very unique take on folk music. Her band were all rather wonderful too and she delivered some classic stage banter which is always good, especially from bands your not too familiar with. The harmonies between Beth and the men backing her particularly stood out, bringing a lovely 60’s feel to the songs. If you get the chance to see her or pick up any of her music, its highly recommended, lovely stuff.

Then for something I went to see purely for the comedy value, the 6music staff and presenters band, or as they described it ‘Total Shambles’. Fronted by a slightly tipsy Shaun Keaveny who hosts the breakfast show they played a number of songs by 6music presenters of the past and present. Elbow, Radiohead, and Johnny Cash to name a few. Although a little rough round the edges, it was actually a pretty good gig. The whole audience was singing along and the 6music staff showed that many of them are pretty good musicians as well as obviously being lovers of listening to music.

Then for Erland and the Carnival. This is a band who are hyped about quite often, I remember Paul Weller commenting on his love for their album at the Mercuries. I had never really taken to them but live they put on a very watchable show. Frontman Erland Cooper is a very talented man and the songs had a lovely twist of the sounds you hear at a carnival.

Next I headed back to stage two for Ellen and the Escapades, a band who I have seen countless times and probably blog about too much but I just really really like them. As usual, it was brilliant, and I don’t have much else to say about that!

After not winning the raffle it was time for The Jim Jones Revue who, maybe quite surprisingly, I loved! It was very rock and roll and their energy was incredible. It was easily worthy of a major festival headline performance and I hope one day it will come to that for them. I think 6music have found something good here, lets see where the future takes them.

And then it was the end of 6fest. A wonderful day with a brilliant atmosphere, bringing together true music lovers and bands from many different genres. I hope 6 music shall live on for a long long time and many more people can listen and find music outside of the mainstream like the many bands the radio station has introduced me to. Long live 6 music!


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