New Music 10

This is the 10th New Music post which is jolly exciting! I really like doing these and I hope people enjoy looking at them and you find some nice things you like whenever I do them. The first band up this week is Glasser who I found in the NME. I love what I hear so far, its a little Bat For Lashes, a little XX, and a little gothic which is rather wonderful. This is Tremel and check out the Jamie XX Remix of it which is maybe better than the original track!

And speaking of Remix’s, this is the Basement Jaxx remix of Vampire Weekend’s ‘White Sky’ which you can download from their website at the moment. It’s good.

This is a beautiful band called Gypsy and the Wolf. There music is folk but its much more upbeat and catchy than some other folk music, the Mumford influences can definitely be heard.

I heard Lettie on a BB4 Glastonbury show on the Glasto night. Her songs are very sweet and remind me of Alessi’s Ark. Her voice always sounds nervous but it gives the music a lovely dreamy factor.

Now for two bands which are definitely not new but which I have been listening to a lot recently.. First Cocorosie. If you haven’t heard of them there music is dreamy, alternative and often a little weird but overall very beautiful. They have recently done a Daytrotter session which is how I discovered them and its beautiful (and free!) so go and have a listen!

The last song has been one of my favourite songs for years and years but I have never posted it before which is a massive shame. This is Don’t Panic by Coldplay and its featured in the film Garden State. Garden State is my favourite ever film and the soundtrack too is brilliant (The Shins, Zero 7, Nick Drake etc.). I re-watched it the other day and remembered how much I love this song. Hands down best Coldplay song.

Tomorrow is Mercury Prize day! Follow me on Twitter for a running commentary of my opinions of it all and the day after there will be a post about my happiness or sadness of the winner!


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