Festival Review: Leeds Festival 2010

It’s ages since I got back from Leeds Fest but I’ve only just had time to write a review! It was a really nice weekend, the festival is much nicer than I thought but also a lot smaller than I thought. Compared to Glastonbury its nothing, but I saw some really really brilliant bands and enjoyed my first taste of the Leeds Festival.

Friday began with The Futureheads who were very boring and then the Mystery Jets who were very good as usual. Then I Blame Coco who I believe has big things to come from her. Her voice is beautiful and she has really brilliant stage presence. She has an album due later this year so watch out for this lady. I saw Darwin Deez next for the first time which was fantastic. They are brilliant live and it was one of my favourite sets of the weekend. In between songs they do funny little dance routines before launching into another song. It’s crazy but so funny. There set at Leeds Fest included a rendition of Beyonces Single Ladies amongst the favourites like Radar Detector.

Dizzee Rascal on the main stage next who was brilliantly bonkers as usual. He is my number 1 guilty pleasure and someone who I would always try and catch live at a festival. His songs are so well known by everyone, the field is always packed and their is always a brilliant atmosphere. The Libertines were second on the bill on the main stage. I’m not a massive fan but I knew a few songs which they played towards the beginning of the set. The whole thing was quite boring, especially if you didn’t know there music. They didn’t put on any sort of show and their set mostly consisted of Pete Doherty being very out of it on stage. A lot of people loved it, but I was left unimpressed.

The Friday headliner was Arcade Fire. One of my favourite bands ever and a performance I had been looking forward to seeing since the line-up was announced. I knew they would be good, but it was incredible. They are the most brilliant live band. I think it was my favourite set I have ever seen. They have so much energy and passion on stage, its truly amazing to watch. They played a mixture of songs from all three albums and finished with ‘Wake Up’ which was my favourite of the set. A brilliant festival band and I hope their set will have given them many more fans as it seemed a lot of people in the audience didn’t really know who they were.

Saturday was my least favourite line-up day. The only band I saw were Wild Beasts who were good but I think I prefer them on record. Both singers have brilliant voices which really comes across live but the set lacked energy a little.

Sunday was another good day for the bands and I started my day with the marvellous Summer Camp. I love love this band and am so excited for their EP to come! Wonderful tunes and such a great and unique sound. I saw a bit of Avi Buffalo next which was good, definitely better than their Glastonbury performance and then stayed at the Festival Republic tent for Warpaint. I really like Warpaint and I have quite a few of their songs but they only played 1 song I knew! No Billy Holiday and no Elephants which I was very gutted about. They are a good band though and you could tell they were very passionate about what they are doing.

Next Mumford and Sons. This was without a doubt the craziest crowd I have ever been it. The NME tent was jammed full and there were mosh pits going on from every angle. Every 10 seconds a crowd surfer would surf past and you couldn’t dance properly without getting inappropriately close to everyone around you. At times I thought I was gonna be squished to death but it was totally worth it. My 7th time seeing Mumford and Sons and they are amazing everytime. They are an incredible live band and one I will never get tired of seeing. It’s strange to think how much they have grown since the first time I saw them live in the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

The final band I saw was Slow Club. I love Slow Club and they are really good performers. They played a few new songs which made me excited for some new material from them. A really wonderful end to the festival!

Overall a really good weekend, Arcade Fire blew my mind and it was nice to have a taste of the Leeds Festival hype. Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, coming soon will be a New Music post, New Treat and possibly a couple of reviews. Stay tuned.


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