Leeds Festival 2010: If you don’t like ‘metal’ music…

Off to my first Leeds Festival tomorrow. The line-up isn’t really my sort of thing but Arcade Fire are playing which MAJORLY influenced my reason to go. There are a few other good bands though, if you look around and mostly avoid the main stage. Here are my top 10 bands you should consider catching if rock and metal really isn’t your thing…

1. Arcade Fire

This is going to be amazing, it has to be, I’ve built it up so much. I don’t think they will disappoint. Watch this…

2. Mumford & Sons

I think Marcus and the boys appear in every live list I make, but they are really quite amazing.

3. Marina and the Diamonds

Marina is headlining the festival republic stage on Sunday and is someone who I would really like to see again. She is incredibly charismatic and really lovely on stage. Plus the alternative is Guns and Roses which I’m not really feeling.

4. Warpaint

They were my New Treat in the post before this one and I am really looking forward to hopefully catching them live. A really beautiful band who I believe have good things to come and it will be really interested to see how their music is presented live. See them on the festival republic stage too, a few bands before Marina.

5. I Blame Coco

Another young lady with some brilliant things ahead of her, Coco Sumner, daughter of Sting, will bring her catchy songs and reggae inspired voice to the Festival Republic stage on Friday.

6. Dizzee Rascal

Back to the main stage for my No.1 guilty pleasure. After seeing him at Glastonbury I am really excited about catching Dizzee again. He appears third on the bill on Friday and is sure to attract a massive crowd and some massive tunes.

7. Summer Camp

Summer Camp also appear on pretty much every list I write at the moment. Another one to watch and another one to grace the festival republic stage on Sunday.

8. Mystery Jets

They were brilliant at Big Chill and so I would definitely like to catch them at Leeds. Lots of catchy songs and really good stage presence. They take to the main stage on Friday.

9. Darwin Deez

If anyone fancies some crazy dancing and an over-all good time show, catch Darwin on Friday on the Festival Republic Stage.

10. Transgressive Records & Friends Closing Party

Anyone up for a party on the last night? This one should be a lovely starter as playing shall be Chew Lips, Everything Everything, the mighty Slow Club and many more. There will also be Transgressive and Rockfeedback DJ’s in between bands. Watch all this on Sunday night on the Alternative Stage.

I’d also recommend… Wild Beasts, Local Natives, Adam Green, Avi Buffalo and Freelance Whales. Enjoy if your going to Leeds or Reading!


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