New Treat #24: Warpaint

I’ve posted two videos already by Warpaint of their songs ‘Stars’ and ‘Billie Holiday’. I am started to like them more and more each time I hear something new from them. I thought they were ready to be my New Treat so yes, I introduce to you, Warpaint.

The all female quartet are from Los Angeles make music which wikipedia describe as ‘experimental art rock’ but I’d describe it as dreamy, haunting and beautifully formed alternative rock. There voices are very nice, particularity in the harmonies on ‘Billie Holiday’. They have already toured with The XX (who share a similar sound) and also Vampire Weekend and Little Joy.  They also remind me a lot of Brighton band Esben and the Witch who were my New Treat long ago.Last year they released their first EP which was called ‘Exquisite Corpse’ which included the songs ‘Elephants'(available as free download on their myspace page) , ‘Stars’ ‘Billie Holiday’ and ‘Beetles’ as stand out tracks. Last week they announced that their debut album ‘The Fool’ was to be released at the end of October, so watch out for that one. They have quite a few UK tour dates coming including The Camp in London next week and then Leeds and Reading Festival. In October they have also planned a UK tour including a date at the London Scala and also at the Leeds Brudenell Social Club which will be a perfect venue for them.

As I have already posted two videos, this is ‘Elephants’ which is also a pretty beautiful song. Enjoy 🙂


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