New Music 9

A few nice new bands for you. Best Coast first, a band who NME go on about A LOT. But maybe its justified (unlike most bands NME go on about a lot) as they are actually pretty amazingly good.

After seeing them at Big Chill I am really liking the new Mystery Jets stuff. This is my favourite one, the melodies are so catchy.

This is another band who are quite similar to Best Coast but a little more chilled out. They are called Real Estate and this song is Beach Comber.

I don’t think I’ve written about how much I like the new Arcade Fire album, but its brilliant. So many good songs, I can’t decide which is my favourite but this one will do. Just over a week until I will be seeing them live at Leeds Fest!

Warpaint were included in my New Music 6 post, but I like them a lot a lot. I might have them as a New Treat in the next few days. All their songs are pretty beautiful but since I already posted the video for Stars, this is a live version of Billie Holiday. They have just announced that their debut album called ‘The Fool’ is to be released in October.

And finally Matthew and the Atlas. I’ve gone on about this band a lot, they are really really good. Their EP is brilliant, I would definitely recommend it. This new video has just come out for ‘Within A Rose’ and its beautifully shot.

I get my A-Level results tomorrow so their may or may not be a depressing post. Enjoy this lot 🙂


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