Summer Sundae: 5 Must Sees!

One of my favourite festival line-up’s this year is Summer Sundae, where I am headed later today. Alot of the bands playing would fit nicely on this blog but if you want to seperate the good from the very very very good, here’s who to check out!

Mumford and Sons

Of course they had to come first. A truly amazing live band, a perfect festival band and just incredible music. Mumford and Sons are set to headline the Sunday night of Summer Sundae. I don’t really have any more to say about how much I love Mumford and Sons, expect watch this, and maybe you’ll begin to understand.

Summer Camp

So maybe I blog too much about Summer Camp? They are my new favourite band, I love their music and their image and they seem so nice. So so good. Go and see them!


Another brilliant live band to grace the main stage of Summer Sundae. They have lots of energy live, the songs just come to life. I’ve said they are ones to watch for ages, and they are still very underrated but after the exposure from the Twilight soundtrack, they are starting to get more noticed.

Slow Club

I love Slow Club live, there gigs are always so intimate and I always feel like they are like my best friends (maybe its the northern bond?). They are really funny live too, when I went to see them a few weeks ago it was almost like a comedy show rather than a gig.

Ellen and the Escapades

After gracing the Acoustic and Avalon stages at Glastonbury this year, Ellen and the Escapades also take to one of the Summer Sundae stages. Should be wonderful!

Also catch… Lissie, The Low Anthem, Local Natives, Johnny Flynn and Peggy Sue.

Have a great weekend anyone who is going, there will be a review when I come back, I am determined to see some bands this weekend! When I get back I am free for a week so the blogging will be back on track. Hope everyone is well 🙂


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  1. Hey, Great to see that Mumford & Sons footage. My V+ Box decided not to record anything I wanted to see!

    I loved how they were so shocked at the amount of people who were there. Made the whole set even better!

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