The Big Chill: Fancy a bit of Folk?

I am off to Big Chill on Wednesday for the first time! I have heard lots of good things about this festival, even that its better than Glastonbury. I have quite big expectations for the place! At first I wasn’t sure about the line-up, but now I think its quite good, there’s such a mix of things its possible to find things for everyone, even a folk fan, and this is what this post is for. This is a mini-guide to the folkier side of Big Chill, of course I don’t expect you to miss M.I.A. or Thom Yorke and bands such as Gaggle are also alternative must-sees, but if you care to look around for a folkier side of the festival, this is some of the best of what to expect.

Villagers– Mercury Nominated and an apparent one to watch on the folk scene. This Bright-eyes sounding fellow has had a good year so far, catch him on the Clash Stage

Dry the River- One of my must sees of the weekend. They were my new treat a while back and since then they have gained so much more exposure. This promises to be a beautiful set.

The Communion Stage- Any folk fan should know exactly what Communion is. If not, its organised by Ben Lovett (Mumford) and Kevin Jones (ex-Cherbourg) and they have lots of brilliant gigs mostly in London but often Leeds and Bristol too. The Sunday with Communion stage is set to host the likes of Black Diamond Bay, Holy Vessels, James Moss and interestingly The Agitator. Should be good.

Rayon Breed– A new find for me and a band who only use voices, percussion and cello. Sounds interesting and it is, think CocoRosie but less experimental.

The Leisure Society- Many of the Willkommen Collective are making an appearance (see below) and the Leisure Society is the most well known of the crew.

The Willkommen Collective Stage– I know very little about this except that on Friday expect to see Alessi’s Ark, Peggy Sue, Sons of Noel and Adrian and The Miserable Rich grace this stage among others. I don’t know if its happening on other days but if it is I guess were in for even more treats! I’ll keep you all updated!

Broken Bells– Do broken bells qualify as folk? Probably not, but its not far off, so maybe. But they are good, its the collaboration between Danger Mouse and one of The Shins.

I’m sure that lot will keep you busy for the weekend! If anyone is going, have a fabulous time, full review up upon my return!


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