Album Review: Own Side Now- Caitlin Rose

Country music seems to be having a bit of a comeback recently. Lissie’s album contained obvious elements of the genre and now Nashville’s Caitlin Rose has also produced an album which pushes the country influences even further. She has already released an 8-track mini album showing the beginnings of something very nice, but with ‘Own Side Now’ she has stepped it up by adding a full band and also a higher level of maturity in the song writing.

The first track ‘Learnin’ to Ride’ has very typical country melodies and the addition of the slide guitar could fit it as a 70’s hit. ‘Own Side’ a gentle track with some very nice harmonies is one of my favourites from the album. ‘For the Rabbits’ which is the first single to be taken from the album, shows off the beauty and uniqueness of Caitlin’s voice. It is perfectly suited to the laid-back country music she is producing. ‘Shanghai Cigarettes’ another one of my favourites from the album is so Stevie Nicks influenced its untrue. The male voice on the chorus is also a lovely addition. The other standout track from the album is ‘Sinful Wishing Well’ a song I have posted a video on before. The melodies are stunning as is Caitlin’s voice. The last track ‘Comin’ Up’ is also very pretty.

There are a few forgotten tracks on this album, but maybe only because of the strength of some of the other tracks. As far as the country comeback goes, I don’t think it’s as good as the Lissie album, but it has a very different feel to it. This album is laid back and dreamy and I think she is one to watch for the future.

Best Tracks: Shanghai Cigarettes, Sinful Wishing Well, Comin’ Up

Rating: 3/5

‘Own Side Now’ is released on August 9th in the UK.


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