New Music 8

I’ve been listening to a lot of Joanna Newsom recently, but here are some other things I have been listening to as well. I love I Blame Coco at the moment. I think she might be the next big thing. She is the daughter of Sting and you can hear his influences in her voice. Her single ‘Self Machine’ is out next week but this is her last single with Robyn and its called ‘Caesar’.

I got the Caitlin Rose album in the post the other day, its very pleasant and I shall do a review of it. My favourite song is ‘Sinful Wishing Well’, I can’t find a good video of the album version so here is a very old version which is quite different, but you get the idea.

Mark Ronson is back and better than ever. His single ‘Bang Bang Bang’ comes out next week and is one of the best dancey songs I’ve heard in ages.

I’ve listened to Devendra Banheart for years but I’ve had a bit of a revisit to his music recently. This is my favourite I think, its lovely and summery. Check out the Fanfarlo and First Aid kit cover on Vimeo, very very nice!

And another more electronic song to end, this is Clock Opera. I’ve never heard of them before but I came across this song and I think its good.


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