My 10 Bands to go see at Glastonbury: 1. Laura Marling

Laura has graced the Glastonbury stages for the past two years. In 2008 on the Park Stage and last year in a secret Greenpeace gig with Mumford and Sons. This year she is back on the park playing before the headliners Midlake. There are a few reasons why Laura topped my list and they are…

1. The Stage- The Park is my favourite area of Glastonbury. It’s very calm and almost feels like a mini festival in itself. The Hill also means its generally easier to see the bands than on a flat land stage.

2. The band which follows her- If your planning on sticking around for Midlake, then that should also be another treat. A wonderful calm evening.

3. Its Laura Marling! She is really amazing live, everytime I see her she gets better and better. I’m also hoping she will be backed by some of the Mumford boys as well as Pete Roe.

Catch Laura on The Park on Saturday Night!


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