Glastonbury 2010: A few things you should do!

Its around 18 hours till the gates open and I’m sure everyone is excited! I sure am! I decided to create a little list of things you should do at Glastonbury that you otherwise might not. So here goes…

Go to the Stone Circle at Sunrise

I’ve never done this before, mostly because I’m usually too sleepy but I’ve heard its a must-do so this year I’m planning to go up on Sunday morning. From the stone circle you can see the whole site and its incredibly beautiful when the sun is coming up. If the weather is good as its supposed to be then it will be a stunning sight!

Visit the Green Fields

From The Healing Field to Greenpeace Field, all the Green Fields are really magical places. They all try to encourage green living and the atmosphere is always much calmer than the rest of the site. They have some great Veggie and Vegan food places placing a wish on the wishing tree is another lovely thing to do!

Go to Strummerville Campfire

One of Glastonbury’s best kept secrets is the Strummerville Campfire. It runs from midnight to 3am and this year includes acoustic performances from Lissie, The Drums, Fionn Regan and I Blame Coco to name a few. It is situated by the entrance to Shangri-La so drop by during the day to find out who is playing that night. You can join the facebook event page here.

Go to Shangri-La at night

There is plenty of the weird and wonderful at Glastonbury and Shangri-La is one of the places to find them. I don’t even know how to describe it. Just go, one of the best party places at Glastonbury and just a weird experience.

Go see the Park Special Guests

Those of you that have examined the line-up will know that there are several spots that say ‘Special Guests’, two of the places are on the Park. There are several rumours flying about of who it could be, and although last year rumours were very wrong (Muse and Radiohead rumoured, Klaxons and Dead Weather turned up), as it is the 40th anniversary, there could be something very special pulled out the bag. In 2008 it was Franz Ferdinand and so big names can happen. This year rumours include Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Bob Dylan, but we shall see!

Get some Strawberry Cider at the Brothers Bar

It’s pretty much buzzing all the time but this is where you can get the famous Strawberry Cider. Its situated next to the West Holts Stage (formally Jazz World) and at night they play music too, perfect place to start a crazy Glastonbury night out!

If anyone has any other things they think you should do, leave me a comment! Still got the top 3 bands to do for my top 10 bands to see at Glastonbury so one coming later today. Enjoy the Sunshine!


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