My 10 Bands to go see at Glastonbury: 10. The Middle East

Glastonbury begins in 2 weeks and I am very very excited. The line-up as usual is brilliant and even if you don’t like the headliners there is always something to see with over 25 stages on offer. I’m going to do a list of the top 10 bands I think you should go and see at Glastonbury. There will be one ever day or so until its time to go. If people have any recommendations that would be great too! Lets begin with number 10…

The Middle East were my New Treat a few months ago, read it here and now this Australian band are taking a short trip to the UK to play Glastonbury and a few other dates around the country. They have also recently been supporting Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling in America. They make the most beautiful music on record so I am really intrigued to see whether they can create the same effect live. As they are Australian, this is a good opportunity to see a band who might not be touring the UK that much in the future.

Catch them on Sunday at the Queen’s Head Stage!


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