Album Review: With Emperor Antarctica EP- Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear are such a such a wonderful new band. I have rambled on about them since seeing them support Laura Marling on her UK tour. I was thrilled when they brought out an EP but you cannot buy it in the UK so I had to order it from Australia and it came via Air Mail (although quite quickly!). The EP is made up of all the things which make the Boy & Bear sound wonderful; close harmonies, upbeat songwriting, the mixture between acoustic and electric instruments and the gorgeous melting voice of the lead singer. Blood to Gold the first track shows all these things off perfectly. Rabbit Song starts quieter and then the build-up throughout the song is wonderful. Mexican Mavis has been available as a free download for a while on their myspace but still takes its place happily on the EP. The Storm starts with gorgeous swooning harmonies and piano before the song takes a gentler root than the ones that proceed it. The Rain is a little gentler too and the harmonies throughout the song are incredible and the melodies as throughout the EP, are stunning.

Overall a brilliant first EP from a band who I hope have lots more brilliant things to come.

Best Tracks: Rabbit Song, The Rain and Blood to Gold

Rating: 4/5


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