Album Review: Catching A Tiger- Lissie

After the clattering of pots and pans and atmospheric hums Lissie begins to sing the first track from her new album ‘Catching a Tiger’. Her voice is incredible. That is obvious to anyone who listens to her, and the reason for all the hype that has been surrounding her recently. With her voice and 70’s love child image I wondered if this was where the hype ended, but this album shows she is a incredible artist that can write both upbeat and ridiculously catchy songs along with treasures to make you cry.

From the first track ‘Record Collector’ to the last, ‘Oh Mississippi’, this album rings Stevie Nicks and other 70’s influences. ‘When I’m Alone’ will make you want to belt the chorus into a hairbrush and will be forever in your head. ‘In Sleep’ is another example of how addictive some of these songs are before ‘Bully’ swoons you with its beautiful lyrics and relaxed tone. Lissie’s country influences are most easily heard in ‘Little Lovin’’ with the end of track showing off the unbelievable power of her vocals.

‘Stranger’ is a little more poppy with a 60’s feel to it and ‘Loosen the Knot’ is a step further in the pop direction, these two tracks show a bit of a Ellie Goulding moment, maybe a step too far from her soulful country-rock sound. ‘Cuckoo’ is my favourite at the moment. It reminds me of Alanis Morrisette songs (which are annoying) but Lissie has done the same thing but brilliantly. Back to the soulful Lissie, ‘Everywhere I Go’ is the weepiest, the swooping sounds of Lissie’s voice are stunning and the lyrics are heartbreaking. ‘Worried About’ begins with an electronic sound not heard elsewhere in the album but it soon moves into the country-rock Lissie feel where she sings ‘Last four years of my life I thought about you pretty much every 15 seconds’. ‘Look Away’ is another new treasure with extended instrumentation and yet another charming example of Lissie’s lyrical talents. The last track is Oh Mississippi, a beautiful piano ballad as seen performed stunningly with Jools Holland on Later. Pretty much every track on this album could be a single; every song leaves a mark on your mind or your heart. A few of the tracks have a lot of production on them, but I actually think it works very well because its done right and adds to the 70’s feel.

I really love this album, Lissie has taken the retro feel of the 70’s and fitted it beautifully pop music and also the folk revival of the moment. She is still essentially a soul singer, but like Florence and the Machine did last year, she takes her voice and makes it contemporary. I think Lissie is such a treasure and I hope there is lots more success to come for her. If you can catch her at a festival, definitely do, her voice is incredible live. Below there is a list of her UK summer schedule. The album is released in the UK on June 21st.

Best Tracks: ‘When I’m Alone’, ‘Cuckoo’, ‘Everywhere I Go’ and ‘Little Lovin’’

Rating: 4.5/5

This is Lissie performing with Ellie Goulding at The Great Escape

26 May            Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (w/ Kassidy)

28 May            Oran Mor, Glasgow (w/ Kassidy)

29 May            Dot to Dot Festival       Bristol

30 May            Dot to Dot Festival       Nottingham

31 May            Dot to Dot Festival       Manchester

31 May            Evolution Festival         Newcastle

14 June            HMV Forum, London (w/ City and Colour)

15 June            Shepherds Bush Empire, London (w/ Local Natives)

25 Jun             Glastonbury Festival – Park Stage

26 Jun             Glastonbury Festival – Queen’s Head Stage

16 Jul               Latitude Festival

25 Jul               Secret Garden Party, Cambridge

29 Jul              Cambridge Folk Festival, Cambridge

13 Aug            Summer Sundae Weekender   De Montfort Hall and Gardens, Leicester

9 Sept              Bestival, Isle Of Wight



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  1. Haha I am honestly the only reply to your great writing!?

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