New Treat #22: Georgia Bruce

Lots of New Treats recently which is lovely! As is this next lady, Georgia Bruce. I have very little information or tracks from her but from one hearing of ‘The Fool’s Lament’ I knew she was something very special. Amazingly, she’s only 16! I can see because of her age, a lot of Laura Marling comparisons coming along.  Like Laura Marling at 16, she is rather incredible for her age and her voice is very beautiful too, but their is more of an innocence to the music of Georgia Bruce. The lyrics tell stories of fools and friends and the melodies are just lovely. Aside from the Laura Marling comparisons, she reminds me a lot of Elena Tonra, especially her voice which has the same pure sweetness to it.

I think she has great things to come, I really hope so and I hope more people hear her music, it needs to be heard! You can have a listen to 3 tracks from her myspace here and you can download a free track of The Fool’s Lament here.

Unfortunately that is all I have about this lovely lady at the moment. Their is no gigs listed on her myspace but I think she’s played a few London dates in the past (she is from London), so hopefully their will be more to come!



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