New Treat #21: Dry The River

Dry the River are one of the best new bands I have found in ages! They have only been together since August last year which is pretty incredible when you hear what they sound like. With finger picking guitar and a falsetto voice, they can be easily compared to Bon Iver, the harmonies and more indie-ish feel reminds me of Boy & Bear and the strong melodies are Mumford-like. They can easily find a very happy place among the current folk revelation. There lyrics are also mega beautiful. Listen to them in the first video below (‘I was prepared, to love you. I never expect anything of you’) Ooo swoon! The band, from London, recorded a 5-track EP in January called ‘Bible Belt’ which you can order here. There is also LOADS of good videos of them on YouTube, and their is also a Black Cab Session which is one of the loveliest ones ever I think!

I hope there is lots lots more to come from this band in the future! They are supporting Johnny Flynn on some of his later tour dates so if you catch them live, you are very lucky! You should definitely watch all there videos on their youtube and listen to their songs on myspace! So wonderful! Hope you enjoy!



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2 responses to “New Treat #21: Dry The River

  1. Their EP is a very pleasant, easy to listen to piece of work. I’m liking this blog more and more everyday!

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