Gig Review: Johnny Flynn @ Leeds Cockpit

Johnny Flynn is a delight live! I have seen him twice with his band now and twice solo and both are treats. I went to see him yesterday at Leeds Cockpit, and as usual he was brilliant! The support band were called Fana and were also very good. They played African infused folk music which was very calming but upbeat at the same time. I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the internet, so if anyone knows of a myspace link please let me know!

Then for Johnny Flynn and his Sussex Wit. Last time I saw him was at the Brudenell in Leeds and he had a sore throat and was drinking honey and lemon. It must be a Leeds thing as last night he was ill too! It meant the set was cut short and their was no encore but even so, he is so charming and talented and I was still blown away.

He played a number of new songs from  the new album ‘Been Listening’ which is due on June 7th, including Kentucky Pill, Lost & Found and Been Listening. He also played a number of old favourites, The Box and Tickle Me Pink to name a few. One thing I am always memorized by when I see Johnny Flynn live is the amount of instruments he can play. Last night this included trumpet, violin, banjo, mandolin, and two different types of guitar. He is a truly brilliant musician as well as a fantastic songwriter and poet. He was also joined by his fantastic band The Sussex Wit, who are all very talented musicians and they all work incredibly well together. Unfortunately his sore throat has caused him to postpone his Manchester and Glasgow shows until the end of June but hopefully he will be better soon and back in amazing form.

Overall a really good night. I would definitely recommend seeing him live at a festival this summer, he’s playing quite a few. I am really excited about his new album, there is some brilliant new stuff on it. I have heard a few of the tracks and ‘The Water’, a duet with Laura Marling is definitely set to be a highlight, as is this track below.


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