New Treat #20: Lanterns on the Lake

I haven’t done a New Treat in forever! I get sent a lot of new music from bands, and I think this is the loveliest thing in a while! Lanterns on the Lake come from Newcastle Upon Tyne and are fronted by the sweet breathy voice of Hazel Wilde. They play melodic, alternative and dreamy folk, a little like Sigur Ros mixed with 60’s American folk from artists such as Joni Mitchell. They also remind me a little of The Middle East who were my new treat a few weeks ago. You will soak into the melodies and their sparkly instrumentation. I can imagine them becoming the backing track to many TV programmes, like Sigur Ros have, but they need to be treasured. There new EP ‘Lungs Quicken’ is out on 7th May but you can pre-order it now from their myspace page here. The song ‘Lungs Quicken’ is a stunning song and the production on this, and all their songs actually, is especially good. It’s only £2 and is encased in some beautiful handmade packaging (love it when bands do that!). On their last FM account there is also lots of free downloads, click here. Below is a free download of ‘In Starlight’ a song from an older EP, and a video of ‘If I Have Been Unkind’ which I think is stunning.

Lanterns on the Lake- In Starlight



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