Album Review: Here Come the Glaciers- Glaciers

I saw Glaciers at Live at Leeds and although I knew little about them, I was very impressed by their set. Glaciers is the solo project of Leeds based artist and musician Nicholas Burrows. He makes indie-folk music, inspired by the likes of Diane Cluck and Animal Collective. As well as his live abilities, his album ‘Here Come the Glaciers’ is quite a treat. I am particularly impressed by his song writing talents, I find a lot of music which has a more indie feel to it to be a bit samey but all the songs have wonderfully crafted melodies, and a few of the standout tracks will be forever stuck in your mind. After the short and wintery opening track ‘The Beard River’, the album launches into ‘Happy Halloween’. It is a wonderfully upbeat track, resembling Jay Jay Pistolet’s blend of pop and folk. The next two tracks ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘The Meeting of Tides’ are also standout tracks. ‘The Meeting of Tides’ which is my particular favourite begins with the line ‘Glaciers they come to the cold mountain side’ and the whole track continues with a magically wintery sound but still keeping the upbeat vibes of ‘Happy Halloween’. ‘Maelstrom has a rockier feel to the previous tracks but still retains a very catchy melody, leaving it one of the tracks you can’t stop listening to. ‘Oak Tree’ is another standout track, with its beautiful melancholy tones. The album is interrupted many times with short mostly instrumental passages between the songs, it’s a lovely touch and gives the album a darker feel which I think in many places the album needs as it is mostly quite cheery.

As well as the song writing, the production on the album is very good. It has a very handmade, unfinished feel which reminds me of the Bon Iver album. Overall this is a very nice album from a truly brilliant song writing talent. If your around Leeds I recommend catching him at a show, I have added his dates to the gig guide on the tab above.

Best Tracks: The Meeting of Tides, Happy Halloween, Oak Tree

Rating: 4/5

You can visit his myspace here. Hope you enjoy this as much as I have done. Lots more posts to come very soon!


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