New Music 5

I really need to do a new treat soon, I might feature one of the bands I see tomorrow at Live at Leeds. But before that, this is a few of the bands I have been listening to recently.

JJ is the first band. They have been blogged about everywhere like crazy recently. Some of their stuff is incredibly beautiful and some isn’t to my liking. This song is a Lil Wayne cover, but you’d never know it. It’s so beautiful and her voice makes the lyrics sound tragic.

Darwin Deez are playing at Live at Leeds tomorrow, I might try and catch them but I don’t know if I will. This song is single of the week on iTunes at the moment so go to the iTunes store homepage to download it for free. Its super fun. Based on this video, he also seems like a pretty cool guy.

Lissie! She is my current obsession after seeing her live. Cannot wait for her album! This song is off her EP and its called ‘Here Before’.

I was sent some info about Harry’s Gym. I really like them, the girl has a really really good voice. They are Scandinavian, where lots of good bands are from. Defintely reccomed checking out their single ‘Attic’, but this is my favourite. I might put them as a new treat after some more listening.

None of the bands so far have been ‘folk’, more on the edges of folk and alternative. This band is more folk, Love.Stop.Repeat are also the backing band for Matthew and the Atlas (who are brilliant!). They remind me of Hot Feet who were my new treat ages ago, so check them out too!

Hope you enjoy this lot! Everyone who is going to Live at Leeds tomorrow, enjoy the day!


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