New Music 4

I have been listening to a lot of Boy and Bear and Matthew and the Atlas recently but I’ve probably blogged about them too much so here is some other things I have been listening to recently!

I really live She & Him and this song is really fun and summery! I would like them a whole lot more though if they toured or did festivals or something 🙂

Sam Airey is from Leeds but I have noticed that he has been doing a few shows with King Charles so its good he is getting noticed. His EP Seasons Change is out now and this is one of the songs from it called Row Upon Row. The woman at the beginning of this video is a bit annoying but most of the balcony TV people seem to be.

Johnny Flynn has given away a free track of ‘Kentucky Pill’, the opener from his new album ‘Been Listening’ with I think is out in June. Its a brilliant track and I hope the rest of the album is just as good!

Freelance Whales are a new band from New York, there album ‘Weather Vanes’ is out now and you can get a free track on there myspace here. I don’t really like the singers voice, but other than that they are really good.

This song is about a year old now, but it is really good. It reminds me of spring too, perfect for now. I like the video too.

Have a nice weekend all!


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