The Best of Northern Talent!

Recently I have been listening to a lot of bands from up north, which is where I am from. There have been lots of good bands from up north in the last few years, this is just a little selection of some of my favourites.

Slow Club

Slow Club are brilliant, its like really fun folk. They are from Sheffield. They are going on a UK tour in May and its highly recommended. I saw them at Glastonbury and they are really funny live. This is Sunday, one of their more mellow tracks but I think my favourite.

Blue Roses

Blue Roses are absolutely stunning. If you haven’t got their album, just get it. Its beautiful. Laura Groves is from Shipley, near Bradford and they will also be playing at Live at Leeds on May 1st.

Ellen and the Escapades

Ellen and the Escapades who recently won the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition are from Leeds. They are fronted by Ellen Smith and the video below is of her playing one of their songs solo. She has the most beautiful voice. They will also be playing Live at Leeds.

Sam Airey

Maybe Leeds’ answer to Johnny Flynn? A very talented singer and songwriter and also very good live. I’ve seen him support Ellen and the Escapades before and I will hopefully catch him at Live at Leeds.

Thom Stone

I saw Thom Stone supporting Mumford and Sons in Manchester and then put him as a New Treat a few weeks later. On his myspace he has a beautiful song with Laura Marling.

Also check out Lucy and the Caterpillar, Gary Stewart (listen to ‘Behind the Door’) and Fran Rodgers.

I’ve probably missed someone really good off, but I hope you enjoy listening to this lot for now.


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