EP Review: Soul Proprietor- Alessi’s Ark

Alessi’s album ‘Notes from a Treehouse’  is a record full of creativity and innocence alongisde Alessi’s very unique voice. Now, around a year later she is signed to Bella Union and is releasing an EP called ‘Soul Proprietor’ which is out tomorrow (Monday 5th April). The packaging of the record is very nice indeed, the sweetshop cover is above and the inside artwork has all been drawn by Alessi and Anika from one of my favourite blog’s Anika in London. But as good as the outside packaging may be, the music inside is possibly even better. The opener ‘The Robot’ is a lovely summery number and shows off the quirkiness of Alessi’s voice brilliantly. The next track ‘Shovelling’ which is a free download below is a very sweet little song with a country feel to it. ‘Dancing Feet’ is a song I have been in love with for a long time and is the highlight of the record for me. The lyrics show off both the beauty and creativity that goes on in the mind of Alessi. The line ‘You should know by now, that I cared for you’ has some melting male vocals behind Alessi’s voice. The final track The Bird Song features the Willkommen Collective and is backed with whistling, banjos, violins and trumpets on top of the usual Ark arrangements. Although I think there is still a child-like innocence behind these songs, I also feel like she has grown up a little since ‘Notes from a Treehouse’. ‘Soul Proprietor is still full of creativity, but also a little more mellow creativity, and there is a much more definite beauty to the record. I will be really interested to see where she goes next.

Rating: 4.5/5

Best Tracks: Dancing Feet, The Bird Song

Alessi’s Ark- Shovelling


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