New Treat #19: Elena Tonra

I found Elena Tonra on the Communion record. Her song Peter was undoubtedly the highlight of the record for me. I fell in love with her honest lyrics, simple guitar melodies and pure strong voice. She reminds me of a young Laura Marling, back in her ‘New Romantic’ days. The lyrics have the same honesty to them. She started writing poetry when she was only 15 and later turned them into melodies and added guitar finger picking. The after effect is very beautiful. She has a few tracks to listen to on her myspace, my favourite of these is ‘The Undead’, I can’t find anywhere that you can listen to Peter online, so their is a free download below. I highly recommend the whole of the Communion record, there are so many brilliant new artists on it, my review of it is here. She has a few dates for London on her myspace but sadly not for the rest of the country. She will also be playing at the Matthew and the Atlas EP launch which I highly recommend as it also sees the Mariners Children playing as well as Matthew and the Atlas, whose new EP I love. You can read my review of it here. I see bright things in the future for this girl.

Elena Tonra- Peter



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5 responses to “New Treat #19: Elena Tonra

  1. AlbertoG

    I found Elena in the same record 😉 and i feel the same with this song.
    I convert this song from the LP to youtube archive and i put in my profile:

    With Best Quality.
    Sorry for my English, im spanish and you know… jajaja nuestro inglés no es una maravilla 😉
    Un abrazo!

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  5. Alicja

    Elena Torna, check her duet with en Howard

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