Gig Review: Ellie Goulding @ Leeds Cockpit

I went off Ellie Goulding a little when her album was released as I think most of it is very over produced and a little too pop for my liking. I have always preferred her acoustic stuff, the stuff I knew before her album was released. I went to see her yesterday and I thought it would be interesting to see what she would be like. If she still had talent, musicianship and the ability to play guitar or if she had become manufactured. I was very pleased to find she hasn’t become a clone of the pop world, and is still real and very very lovely. She started the set with Lights, the bonus track from her album and one of my favourites. Her voice is flawless live and is so incredibly unique. She didn’t chat to the audience much like a lot of bands I go to see but she seemed genuinely lovely and talked a little when explaining some of her songs and the likes. She played most of the tracks from the album including Guns and Horses which is to be her next single. On her encore she played an acoustic version of ‘Wish I’d Stayed’ which is the version that introduced me to her. She also played a cover of Midlake’s Roscoe, with added synth’s. She ended with Starry Eyed, of course. I was a little disappointed my the audience, I would expect at a gig like Ellie Goulding for everyone to be dancing and upbeat, but I found that it was only me and a few people around dancing, a little gutting but I think he gig’s will stop being so mellow as more people know all her songs. Over all a really nice gig, I would definitely recommend catching her live if you can.


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