Aussie Folk Revolution!

Over the last few years there has been quite an English folk revolution. And I think its now happening in Australia. I have written about a few artists recently including Sarah Blasko, The Middle East and Boy and Bear who are all Australian based. I have been looking today and there are so so many more wonderful bands all coming out of Australia. All the bands are quite unique but like the London folk scene also have a lot in common. They all seem to have a very dreamy quality to them, a little like Bon Iver and also a Fanfarlo feel as a lot of them have lots of different instruments. I really really like all of it I find so I am now going to share some with you.

Boy & BearFleet Foxes harmonies and Arcade Fire chorus’

Lisa Mitchelldreamy acoustic pop by the voice of an angel

Sarah Blasko beautiful melodies with very pretty voice

The Middle Eastsee here

Georgia Fairsummery guitar filled pure pop

Lion Islandtraditional folk inspired with every instrument ever

Young Wertherglimpses of Fionn Regan but remains quite unique

Little Scout Beach House with a more summery feel

Dead Letter Chorusjust lovely! sweet voice with a good indie feel

Laura Jean– beautiful like Blue Roses

Sherlocks Daughterunique, alternative and wonderful

Cascardeer guitar melodies and harmonies that would melt butter

I know there is a lot of bands on here but you really should check them all out if you can as they are all wonderful!


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  1. I was going to also add Lawrence Arabia but turns out he’s from New Zealand. Close enough? Maybe not…

    Good research anyway!

    – saamFG

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