New Music 3

This is the third instalment of this of this ‘New Music’ thing I seem to be doing recently. It’s just lots of new bands I come across as I seem to be finding a lot at the moment which is very nice indeed.

This is Lykke Li, she’s not really new. I have been aware of her and listened to a few of her things for ages. She does some really good acoustic tracks like ‘Tonight’ but a lot of her stuff has a lot of production. This song is from the New Moon soundtrack, which seems to be one of the best soundtracks ever. This song is called Possibility and its really beautiful.

This is a new singer who I think is Swedish called Fallulah. This is the best song by her I think, its called Use it For Good.

This is a band called Boy & Bear. I only found them today but they are brilliant! A bit like Local Natives I feel. They are supporting Laura Marling on her UK tour which starts pretty soon I think. Thats going to be a pretty amazing show, with Laura, Alessi and this band too.

This is Giselle, I can’t find a video of her, or anything much except for what’s on her myspace. She is like Beirut but she’s female. She is also from Australia which is another great artist to add to all the amazing bands coming out of Australia. Her myspace is here.

And Matthew and the Atlas! Who I have mentioned before as he is on the communion album but I got his EP which is really lovely and he is defintely worth a lesson. He has got a lovely soft voice, reminds me of Nick Drake a little.


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