New Treat #18: The Middle East

A few weeks ago I mentioned a song called Blood by this band, The Middle East. Its a really beautiful song, resembling Sons of Noel and Adrian and Bon Iver. I have listened so some of their other stuff recently and its all very beautiful, so I thought I would feature them as my New Treat. They are an Australian band, at the moment there is so much lovely music coming out of Australia, from the gentle sounds of Sarah Blasko to the powerful alternative Temper Trap. And The Middle East are all part of this Australian invasion. They released a record called ‘The Recordings of the Middle East’, it includes ‘Blood’ and another beautiful song called ‘The Darkest Side’. You can get it on iTunes. There myspace page is here. They are currently on quite an extensive tour of the US but are doing T in the Park this July and hopefully a few other UK festivals will be planned in the future! The song below is The Darkest Side…

Beautiful! I hope you enjoy listening. Laura Marling ‘I Speak Because I Can’ review coming tonight!



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6 responses to “New Treat #18: The Middle East

  1. This band is super nice.

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  3. For some more folk rock stylings out of Australia, check out The Atlas Mountains!

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