New Music 2

I did a post like this a week or so ago. This is just a few songs which are new to me that I have liked listening to recently. The first is Joanna Newsom, who  have never really taken too but she has just released a new album and I really like this song. She has a weird voice, a little like Kate Bush but she’s more folky.

This is a song by Sarah Blasko, who apparently is quite huge already in Australia and I think she may get some success here in the future. She seems like one of those artists that gets over produced by record companies, but this song is still good.

This is a band I have really enjoyed listening to recently, they are called Bodies of Water. I might write some more about them at some point. They are like a mixture between Bowerbirds and Dead Man’s Bones.

This is by a new artist called Pete Lawrie. He has got a really good voice and i’m really looking forward to hearing more.

and Laura Marling! who obviously isn’t new music but there is a number of tracks from her new album now on youtube. This is the new recording of Blackberry Stone, which is my favourite song ever. I don’t think this version is as good as the Marling/Mumford version but I really like the production. I hope the rest of the album is this well done.

I have so much more new music at the moment! It will all come in the future! x



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6 responses to “New Music 2

  1. If you’re starting to enjoy Joanna Newsom try these guys – Ghost Bees, from Canada. Coming to the UK in May I believe.

  2. Ben

    I’m pleased to see Sarah Blasko on this roll of honour. You know she’s supporting the Temper Trap at Leeds O2 Academy on 11 May? Funny you should find ‘We Won’t Run’ over-produced. Sarah went to Sweden & worked with Bjorn Yttling as producer precisely because she felt her first two albums had been over-produced, & ‘We Won’t Run’ is in her new stripped back style. (See She even sang ‘Lowlands Away’ a cappella at the Sydney Festival. Can’t get much more trad than that!

    • flyingwithanna

      I don’t think ‘We won’t run’ is over produced, but some of her other stuff I have listened too I think is. This is one of the songs I found I really liked. She has a really beautiful voice.
      Thanks for your comment, I will definitely do some more listening to the newer stuff and write some more about her! That video is really lovely.
      and I am aware she’s playing with the temper trap but its quite expensive and I’ve seen the temper trap before!

      • flyingwithanna

        its also sold out!

      • Ben

        Ah, yes, now I read your post more carefully I see that I was putting words into your mouth! I think your comment about some of the earlier records is fair enough, & it’s probably no bad thing that this new album is the first that most UK listeners will hear. It is the best thing she’s done so far.

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