Peggy Sue on Day Trotter!

Yes, Peggy Sue have done a lovely little day trotter session. For people who don’t know day trotter, they do sessions with lots of very good bands and give away the mp3’s for free. So that means 4 free Peggy Sue tracks! Click here to download. I think you might have to sign up, but they don’t bombard you with emails or anything so its worth it. While your there, I recommend the Bon Iver session and the Andrew Bird one is very good.

In other news, Johnny Flynn is going on tour again! It’s a UK full band tour which he hasn’t done for a while so I’d recommend it! Details are here. Slow Club are also going on tour, but their has been no official announcement yet as far as I know, to be ahead of the game, get your tickets now here.

I’d also recommend downloading the b-side to Bombay Bicycle Club’s new single, its called Jewel. Its lovely and much more acoustic/folk than their regular stuff. Here’s a video if you just want to listen.

I have also some very good new treats to do sometime soon, so watch for that!


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