Gig Review: Mumford and Sons at Manchester Academy 1

So I went to see Mumford and Sons the other day, it was incredible, they are so amazing live its untrue. I think it was the 5th time I have seen them and I was unsure about whether it was going to be as good as the last times as the venue was so much bigger. After seeing them in places like the Brudenell it was weird thinking that they had become so big they could play venues like the Academy 1. They were just as good if not better than all the times I had seen them in those tiny venues, proving that they are a truly incredible live band and can amaze crowds of any size. I think they are my favourite live band ever, and just my favourite band ever.

They also had some rather wonderful supports, from Thom Stone and Fanfarlo. I had heard of Thom Stone before but never given him a good listen, I really enjoyed his set and have listened to a few of his songs on his myspace since. My favourite is the one with Laura Marling, which is just beautiful. You can listen to it at his myspace here. Then Fanfarlo, a band who I have loved since getting there album ‘Reservoir’, which I cannot recommend enough. They were brilliant, just as good live as on record. Then for Mumford and Son! They played mostly songs from Sigh No More, also a couple of new songs, including Lover of the Light, and Untitled, which is the b-side to The Cave, now available on iTunes. They also played the Banjolin Song, which is a very only song off there Love Your Ground EP, released in 2008. It was the song which introduced me to them when they did they played it at the BalconyTV sessions on YouTube, you can watch it below. I cannot find words to describe how good they were, just an incredible live band. Any one who has not seen them live, find a gig and go! So so much love for them.



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4 responses to “Gig Review: Mumford and Sons at Manchester Academy 1

  1. The Banjolin Song was one of the first Mumford tracks I remember hearing. I’ve seen them loads, but I don’t think they’ve ever played it when I’ve been there! 😦

    (Maybe at Glastobury?! I can’t remember..)

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  3. Ahahaha, Ted looks so very chilly in that video. And Ben is just as adorable as ever. It’s weird seeing Marcus without a beard though.
    You, girl, are like my music soulmate.

    • flyingwithanna

      haha, I’ve been on your blog a few times and I love it! It’s in my bookmarks now. You like really beautiful things 🙂

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