Album Review: Lights- Ellie Goulding

Ellie is probably the most talked about new artist of 2010. She topped the BBC Sound of 2010 and won the Brits Critic’s choice award, and so had a pretty good start to her musical career. But with all this comes great expectations from her album ‘Lights’, and the question is, does she live up to her hype? Well, it depends what you were looking for. If you were expecting an electro-pop record, resembling last years albums from La Roux and Little Boots, then this is bang on. With a selection of both great dance songs and more acoustic pop songs, but together by some very good producers with Ellie’s unique voice shinning through. However, if you were expecting something innovative, Florence-like and ‘folktronic’, then this record isn’t quite there. There are some brilliant songs, Guns and Horses and Starry Eyed, the first two tracks are probably the best. Guns and Horses is the only song with the ‘folktronica’ sound she has been forever labelled with. Starry Eyed is a genius pop song, showing how good a producer Starsmith is and how Ellie can write a brilliant pop song. Other stand out tracks are ‘Under the Sheets’ showing darkness in a dance song and ‘Wish I’d Stayed’ is the closest you will get to folk, but is a little over produced and I personally prefer the acoustic version. However some of the other tracks are too pop for my liking, and in places there is too much production, which maybe Ellie doesn’t need all the time.

I don’t think this album is bad, its nice to listen too, it just doesn’t blow me away. I really like what Ellie is doing though, she started out as a folk artist and touring just with a guitar, but she’s doing something different mixing her love of folk with electro and pop music, but for me this album is too pop, she needs some darkness.

Rating: 2.5/5

Best Songs: Guns and Horses, Starry Eyed, Wish I’d Stayed


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