Album Review: Rachael Dadd- Moth in the Motor

I first came across Rachael Dadd as she is one half of  Whalebone Polly who I put on as my New Treat a while ago. But this is the first of I have listened to of her solo. This mini-album is the latest edition to the Broken Sound family, who have previously released wonderful EP’s from Peggy Sue and Forrest Fire and now the lovely addition of this Rachael Dadd mini-album. When I first listen to it, it rings Joni Mitchell with the similarity of being piano-based folk music, but then the more experimental side of the album reminds me of Regina Spektor and then her delicate dreamy voice of Ellen Smith from Ellen and the Escapades. However, you could compare her to every female singer-songwriter, but she still remains quite unique. The first track Table is probably the strongest with its rocking piano line and sweet harmonies in the melody line, but my favourite track is the breathy and quirky Moth in the Motor. The album keeps its strength and beauty throughout and each track compliments the others, making the mini-album act best as a whole. For her myspace, click here. This is the track-listing:

1) Table
2) Age Of The Clock
3) Caught In The Weight
4) Until We Fall Apart
5) The Incident Of The Capsized Boat
6) Moth In The Motor
7) Elaine (In The Kitchen With Matches) – bonus track

Another wonderful thing about this album is the album artwork. Each is released on 10” vinyl, limited to 300 hand-pressed copies with every sleeve hand painted using lino-cuts made by Rachael Dadd herself! The paper is all handmade, ethically made from the villages of the Himalayas. Each vinyl also includes a free digital mini-album, bonus track and stop motion animation made by Betsy Dadd. Many artists have also submitted their own covers, which along with the vinyl will be available to buy. The whole concept seems so lovely and intimate! I love it when artists don’t just make good music but add their own artist touch on every aspect of performance and music making, and Rachael Dadd has certainly done that.

Rachael is also in the middle of quite an extensive UK tour at the moment, some with one of my favourites, Alessi’s Ark! I particulary reccomend the Leeds date as it is being organised by the golden owl, a Leeds based blog, and its free, so sure to be a good night! These are the remaining dates:

Feb 20th – The Hope – Brighton – Support from Adelaide’s Cape and Laish

Feb 21st – Nation of Shopkeepers – Leeds – Support from Alessi’s Ark, Broadcast 2000, and Adelaide’s Cape

Feb 22nd – Bungalows and Bears (Unquiet Desperation Presents…) – Sheffield – Support from Alessi’s Ark, George Pringle, Slow Moving Millie

Feb 24th – The Basement – York – Suport from Alessi’s Ark

Feb 26th – Cafe Oto – London (Moth in The Motor album launch & art exhibition) – Support from Alessi’s Ark and The Mariner’s Children

Feb 28th – Hamptons – Southampton – Support from Adelaide’s Cape

You can get the album now, and vinyl’s designed by various artists will be available on the 25th February. Go here to buy. There is also a free download of Table below.

Rachael Dadd- Table

Best Tracks: Table, Moth in the Motor and Caught in the Weight

Rating: 3.5/5


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