Gig Review: Vampire Weekend @ Leeds Academy

Vampire Weekend! For what they do, that sort of indie-pop thing, they really are the best. I jumped at the chance to go and see them in Leeds, mostly because I was annoyed they didn’t play Glastonbury this year as I think their such a perfect festival band. So, it might not have been a festival, but it was still quite wonderful. The gig, at Leeds Academy, was my first of 2010 as I had exams all through January, and it made me realise how much I love and how much I missed live music!

The support band were called Fan Death. They were a little like Music Go Music but more edgy, with a eccentric, Karen O style front women. The only problem was I couldn’t hear at all what she was singing, so that was a little unfortunate. Then Vampire Weekend! As I anticipated, they had the whole crowd dancing the entire way through. I was on the balcony and it was wonderful looking down to see the stalls pulsating to songs like A-Punk and Cousins. Sometimes bands who are quite synth-pop aren’t as good live as on record but they really were just the same. They played a mixture of songs from the first self-titled album and Contra, which was realised last month. Overall I was really impressed and I would defintely go and see them again! Here is a video of there performance at Glastonbury of 2008, see what I mean by perfect festival band?


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