New Treat #15: Holly Miranda

I would like to thank the blog Anika in London for introducing me to this lady. Holly Miranda is an American with a gorgeous husky, soft yet powerful voice, and a very beautiful set of songs. Think Feist mixed with The Antlers and a bit of TV on the Radio and your almost there. Her album, titled ‘The Magician’s Private Library’ comes out on the 22nd of this month but before that there are some lovely listening to be done around the internet. Her myspace is here, and on iTunes there is a song called ‘Forest Green, Oh Forest Green’, that song has a little bit of an XX feel to it, and their is also a Yoko Ono cover of ‘Nobody Sees Me Like You Do’. However, my favourites of hers are some of the acoustic videos on YouTube, in particular this one which is beautiful.

Until her album arrives, theres a mp3 below of ‘Joints’ for your ears. And below that is another lovely video I found of a Jeff Buckley song. Enjoy 🙂 x

Joints- Holly Miranda



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2 responses to “New Treat #15: Holly Miranda

  1. Yes, we like what we have heard from Holly so far. We saw her live last week and whilst some her songs seemed a little impenetrable at first, they drew us in, making us want to listen again. Looking forward to the album.

    Incidentally, on a different note, looking at the artists you’ve written about on your blog, have you sampled Stornoway yet ? Think they may be your kind of thing. We’re massive fans of them. Check out Zorbing, Unfaithful and We Are The Battery Humans in particular.

    • flyingwithanna

      I have heard of Stornoway but not listened much, but I will now. Thanks for the suggestion. Glad you like Holly too, I think the album will be a good one! x

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