At the moment I love…

What I have been listening to in the last few days…

Marina and the Diamonds! Marina has grown on me so much, I think I love her now. How great is this…

I love the bit where she goes ‘OMG you look just like Shakira, no no your Catherine Zeta, actually my names Marina’. I love it how when you hear her talk about her influences, she seems so influenced by visuals, such as fashion and nature, rather than music. I think this is a rare thing in an artist, but a great thing as it makes her very unique.

I am very excited about the new Johnny Flynn stuff, there is lots of the tracks floating round YouTube which I think will appear on the next album. The Water is my favourite, there is a beautiful version on YouTube of him and Laura Marling, it is below. There voices are stunning together! Two of my favourite people ever.

I also found this on YouTube, the quality is a bit bad, alot of chatter in the background. But it is Marcus Mumford performing The Water with Johnny. If you listen its quite lovely. I like the whistling bit towards the end.

I love the Mumford and Sons documentaries. How nice are all the sons, to look at and to listen to :). Only Part 1 of the Gentlemen of the Road documentary has been released, but it sure is good. I can’t find it on YouTube but here is a link to it on facebook, I hope it works :S

The last is the acoustic version of Wake Up by the Arcade Fire. The track was used in the film Where the Wild Things Are (which I still haven’t seen arghhh). I posted it ages ago, but here it is again for you to download.

Download below…

Arcade Fire- Wake Up (Acoustic)

New Treat coming in the next few days! x


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