New Treat #12: The Black Atlantic

The Black Atlantic are a Dutch based band fronted by an American who was once in a death metal band and who now sound like Bon Iver with a bit of Beirut. Sounds strange, but its rather wonderful. I came across the band by accident when I was on YouTube watching the XX on the Amsterdam Acoustics sessions (check out the Crystallized video its lovely). The Black Atlantic also did a session for the Amsterdam Acoustics lot and its so lovely.

The band have already released there first album which you can apparently download for free but it wouldn’t work for me :(, its called Revenge for Fallen Trees.  They have some beautiful songs on their myspace, including my favourite I Shall Cross This River, which you can download below. Their myspace is here. They don’t have any UK dates but they are heading to SXSW in March, so maybe 2010 is going to be their year!

The Black Atlantic- I Shall Cross This River

I cannot stop listening to them, such calming and delicate songs. Wonderful, I hope you enjoy! x


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