Review: Paul McCartney @ the O2, London!

There can’t be many people who don’t like The Beatles. And if there is, not many can deny that Lennon/McCartney wrote some pretty amazing songs. Macca is one of the only alive people in music who you can consider a legend and to see him was one of the moments in my life I will remember forever. Before, I wondered if he would be a little worn out, he is 67. Plus, I have always preferred smaller venues, as they are more personal. However, he was definitely not worn out, and the concert was as personal as a 20,000 venue could get. He started the set with Magical Mystery Tour, Drive my Car, and Jet! An amazing opening for an amazing concert. He powered through classic Beatles and Wings tracks, interspersed with an acoustic version of Blackbird, tributes to John, Linda, George and Jimi Hendrix, and he was even joined on stage by a full Bagpipe band. In between he told some lovely stories about people he knew and differnt shows he had done. Two stories I remember are these (maybe not told accurately)…

1. George Harrison was a keen ukulele player, he loved George Fornby and was even part of his club. One day when Paul was with George he gave him one of his ukuleles and Paul said ‘I can play one of your songs on this George’ and then he played Something to him, on ukulele. He then played Something on Ukelele, the same ukelele that George gave to him. It was a wonderful moment.

2. When he is playing difficult songs, such as Blackbird when he should be really concentrating on remembering the words and the chords, he sometimes looks to the audience and sees a big banner. He knows he shouldn’t read it, as it would distract him, but he often does anyway. One time he saw a banner saying ‘I will give you my girlfriend, If you give me your plectrum’. I thought that was funny.

Yes, so the show went on. A lovely one I remember was when he played ‘Here Today’ for John Lennon, I love that song. Let It Be and Hey Jude were also quite special, the whole of the O2 chanting ‘Na, na na nanananaaa’. He did not just one, but two encores! Made up of Day Tripper, Lady Madonna and Yesterday, among others, and he ended with Sgt Pepper/The End. Overall an amazing concert which I will remember forever!

Here are some of the sample videos from the ‘Good Evening New York’ DVD.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a Happy Christmas! x

Paul McCartney is also one of the founders of the ‘Meat Free Monday’ campaign! Everyone should do it, its amazing the difference it would make. the website is here. This is Paul playing his Meat Free Monday song!



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4 responses to “Review: Paul McCartney @ the O2, London!

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  2. Great recollection of the gig! I was there too, it was extra special and certainly one to remember, always.

  3. jo

    i went to this after wanting to see paul for so many years! i couldnt wait and it was better than i could ever have thought! it was just the best thing i have ever seen and i cant believe i have seena beatle! paul just seems like such a nice guy and seems so normal and nice even though he is such a huge star. I just love him so much and could talk about this concert for hours on end! i have read some bad reviews but they seems to just be clutching at anything to criticise because they just need to find something to say and are too proud to give a good review and they want to patronise everyone. I think maybe … jelous is the word. Need to stop reviewing good people if they cant write good reviews… try reviewing mcdonalds resturants around teh country or something which suits their writing ability. really annoys me that they cant just tell it klike it was and give a fab review for a gear concert! thankyou paulie for doing such a good gig and i hope you enjoyed it too. xxx

    • flyingwithanna

      yeah i’ve read some bad reviews but they just seem to be criticizing anything they can find to criticise. The concert was amazing! glad you enjoyed it so much. x

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