Event of 2009: Glastonbury!

I am planning to do a couple of little blog’s about some of the best things of my 2009! I’m starting with the best event, and I think overall best thing EVER! Glastonbury! I love Glastonbury so much, I think I was made to live there. The sun, the amazing line-up, the cider, the craziness, the freedom, the love between everyone. Everyone is just their to have an amazing time and that’s what makes it so amazing in itself. This year the band was flawless for my music taste, Florence, Regina, Neil Young, Marling and Mumford, Fleet Foxes, Johnny Flynn, Peggy Sue, Slow Club, Bat for Lashes, Alessi… I could go on and on and on. The musical highlight was definitely Florence on the John Peel Stage and the secret Mumford/Marling gig in the Greenpeace tent.

Here is Florence talking a little about the festival:

And this is my own video of Laura Marling playing a new, still nameless song:

Glastonbury is Amazing!


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