Christmas Gifts!

Looks like we might be having a White Christmas this year! This blog is going to be a collection of little Christmas treats and nice things for the next week or so. Christmas is often ruined by bad bad music, X Factor always being number 1, everyshop you go in playing Cliff Richard… But there are lots of good musical things about Christmas, here are just a few.

Slow Club must love Christmas I think. Last Year they released Christmas TV and this year they have released a whole Christmas EP! My favourite on the EP is the cover of Christmas (Baby please come home). This is a 405 session of one of there own songs off the EP, its called Christmas Thanks for Nothing…

Laura Marling has also released a Christmas song this year, which I posted a blog on a while back. This Christmas, Miss Marling, along with Mumford and Sons are all in India (lucky things!), so this is Laura Marling’s Christmas Song, Live in India (also, I am starting to like the brown hair)…

I have two play lists for you, one from a art blog called Kitsune Noir, which you can download for free. It has some lovely tracks from Feist, Belle and Sebastian and Bright Eyes among others. Download it here

The second is a Spotify playlist I have made. I posted a winter-inspired playlist a while back and this one is like an updated version. More Christmas songs. It contains some Sufjan Stevens,  Lisa Hannigan and The Pogues. Playlist is here: christmas time

My favourite classic Christmas song is Fairytale of New York, and a lovely blog called the golden owl has a free cover version to download, by Paul Marshall and Lone Wolf. Get it here

This is a small message from Love Actually , I think it sums up the real meaning of Christmas pretty well…

And I think that’s it for Christmas Gifts at the moment! I’m hopefully going to be posting a Best of 2009 blog tomorrow, with all the best songs, new bands, events etc. of my year so look out for that. Otherwise, Happy Christmas!


also, I have just found out that RATM beat the X Factor to Number 1! comedy times! I don’t like either song, but hopefully this will do some good to the manufactured pop industry!


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