Bowerbirds! Yesss

you really must hear Bowerbirds if you haven’t already! this is only the tip of the iceberg of there genius collection of songs. both their albums are on Spotify too



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2 responses to “Bowerbirds! Yesss

  1. Did you see them at The Brudenell in October? The Tailors supported. I got to stay for The Tailors but had to leave just before BB went out because I had my pup with me and she started getting stressed out after about 3 hours in the Brude.

    I got a few texts about 10 minutes after I left saying Bowerbirds dedicated one of their songs to my dog! Ha.

    (Merry Christmas! x)

    • flyingwithanna

      No I didn’t see them 😦 must of been good though. I love them at the moment! I hope they come to the UK again soonish. Bad times that you missed it, but worth it if you got a song dedicated to you! Happy Christmas! x

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