The Best New Albums of 2009!

At the moment, everyone is going crazy for the best albums of the year, and the best of the decade. I don’t feel I have enough musical experience to write about the best of the decades as at the start of the decade I was only 10. So I have decided to do a top 5 best new albums of 2009, including albums which were the first from that band. I haven’t included free mp3’s of any of the album tracks as I think if you like the artist you should buy the album but there are some exclusive tracks and videos for you. People who keep up with the blog may have been able to predict this list, but here goes…

5. Alessi’s Ark- Notes from a Treehouse

I discovered Alessi’s Ark this year when I saw her play at Live at Leeds back in May, I instantly fell in love with her music and her voice. This album, from beginning to end is made up of sweet songs, with so much honesty and innocence. My favourites are Woman and The Horse. This is a video which came in the exclusive album content but is now on YouTube. I think I posted it a few weeks back, but I cannot get enough, its beautiful! The song is called Dancing Feet and its performed with Ben from Mumford and Sons (yesss)…

4. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes- Up From Below

If this album doesn’t fill you with joy then nothing will. These desert hippies have created an album of beauty, happiness and lots and lots of hippyness. It makes me wanna screw modern life, move to the dessert, take lots of drugs and live freely. Best tracks are Home, Janglin and Om Nashi Me. Overall a truly beautiful high spirited album! This is the day trotter session of Home…

Home (Daytrotter Session)- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

3. Florence and the Machine- Lungs

Lungs is a masterpiece from the eccentric, talented and beautiful Florence Welch. The album consists of songs which you cannot define into a genre but are all incredibly unique. With harp splashed all over it, mixed with the incredible vocals of Florence and the backing of her machine, she hasn’t gone a step wrong with this album. My favourite tracks are Between Two Lungs and Dog Days are Over. This is a video of Ghosts (now I’m not calling you a Liar), filmed over a year ago for BBC Introducing, and it was these videos that last year made me fall in love with her…

2. Blue Roses- Blue Roses

Probaly the lesser known of all these albums is Blue Roses’ self titled album. And what a shame this is! Blue Roses is the work of singer/songwriter Laura Groves whose stunningly unique voice and beautiful folk songs stole my heart. This album is made up of delicate songs and the stunning voice of Laura shines through. I always listen to this album to relax, its perfect. My favourite tracks are Coast and Greatest Thoughts. This is Coast at Bankstand Busking…

And this is her cover of Golden Slumbers, by the Beatles…

Blue Roses- Golden Slumbers (The Beatles Cover)

1. Mumford and Sons- Sign No More

Mumford and Sons are my favourite band in the world! They are just so good! Every time I see them live I am blown away, and this album too blew me away. I already had most of the songs from the EP’s but these songs were all newly recorded and so some were different. The new tracks Timshel, Thistle and Weeds, Dust bowl Dance and I Gave You all, did not disappoint. The album is made up of stunning harmonies between the four of them and the gorgeous voice of Marcus, with an excess of banjo, some nice accordion and other folky things. The whole album is perfectly wonderful! If you don’t have it, get it, and if you haven’t seen them live, do it! I am so glad that they are now getting some of the recognition they deserve. My favourite tracks are Roll Away Your Stone, Sign No More, and I Gave You All. Here is one of their bookshop sessions of White Blank Page…

And this is a song which isn’t on their album but was released on an earlier EP, its called Liar…

Mumford and Sons- Liar

So that’s it, my favourite new albums of 2009! I hope you enjoy listening to them all, I think their all on Spotify too. Thanks for reading, xxx



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6 responses to “The Best New Albums of 2009!

  1. Hi Just came across this article whilst google blog searching.

    What a wonderful list of best albums.

    We chose 3 of the 5 you chose in our Top 10 of the year, and Blue Roses is our number one – such a shame more people haven’t heard of Laura Groves.

    Your other two choices are also very good – Alessi has charmed us numerous times in 2009 and Edwarde Sharpe is a star still on this rise we think.

    Lovely. And happy Christmas.

    Robin @

  2. Hello
    Just tried to leave a comment but I’m not sure if it appeared.

    What a wonderful choice of albums. 3 of your 5 appear in our Top 10 list @ Breaking More Waves blog and the other 2 are also very good as well. Alessi has charmed us many times this year, and Edward Sharpe is a star on the rise….

    Blue Roses is an exquisite piece of work, just a shame so few people have heard of Laura Groves.

    Lovely, happy Christmas.

    • flyingwithanna

      Hello! I love your top 10 album list! It is so wonderful to see that someone else has listened and loved Blue Roses’ album. It is beautiful. The XX and the Antlers are two bands I really must listen to more of! They have been so highly recommended this year! I am going to put your blog in my blogroll as I really like it. Have a happy Christmas!

  3. Likewise, I’ve added you to. Love your taste in music, and a fun blog to read with a nice personal touch. Keep up the good work.

  4. I feel a lot more folks need to read this, quite very good info.

  5. Eric

    the mumford and sons sign no more picture has a sheep (goat?) in the background

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