Review: Florence and the Machine at Manchester Apollo!

On Monday I managed to get last minute tickets to the sold out Florence and the Machine in Manchester gig. So on Thurday, for the third time this year, I saw Florence. Supporting her were the Temper Trap and a band I don’t remember the name of but reminded me of The Smiths. The Temper Trap were amazing, I haven’t listened to much of there stuff except for Sweet Disposition, but I was really impressed by his voice. Sweet Disposition of course was amazing, it is rare to get such a reaction to the support band but everyone was singing along.

People seem to have very mixed views about Florence, some saying she’s a typical manufactured pop-star, who can’t really sing, others saying she’s incredible, so unique, unlike anything else around, and one of the best live acts in the world. I am definitely of that last opinion. On stage she’s humble, constantly thanking the audience for being so wonderful, and eccentric, jumping all over the stage, standing on the speakers. But when she sings, her voice is exactly like on record. She sang through mainly album tracks, a few b-sides and some songs of bonus disc to the deluxe album. I think of her as a modern day Grace Slick. People without this opinion to see her live, you will be instantly converted. This video is one of the bonus videos off her album, its of Between Two Lungs.


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